Parva 3H 37 x W 39,4 x D 15cm.
Parva 4H 71,2 x W 58 x D 15cm.
Parva 5H 71,2 x W 39,4 x D 15cm.
Parva 8H 71,2 x W 76,4 x D 15cm.

Parva Cup Shelf

Parva will help you find space for all your trinkets and furnish your home with personal and functional design.
The slim shelves is perfect in the kitchen, livingroom, the kids room and for your bathroom.

Parve is a little sister to The Wood Box system and has the same quality and soft oak edge details.

Parva shelves is designed and produced in Denmark.
Parva shelves is assembled by our carpenter and comes with wall suspension.


Parva 3
Parva 4
Parva 5
Parva 8

Colours and Materials

Oiled oak
White Oiled oak

Craftsmanship by Danish carpenters

Danish Design

Wood from sustainable forests