Cross HeadH 88 x W 49,4 x D 4.1 cm.
Cross BodyH 170 x W 49,4 x D 4.1 cm.
Cross SquareH 100 x W 97,4 x D 4.1 cm.

Cross Mirrors

Cross Mirror is an elegant and minimalistic mirror designed to be hung on the wall. The mirror has a rectancular shape with crosses by the corners. This creates a visually attractive expression while maintaining simplicity in design.

Cross Mirror is available in three sizes: Head, Square, and Body, providing you with the opportunity to choose the size that best suits you and your interior style. Each mirror is carefully crafted from solid oak, known for its durability and natural beauty.

The product is designed and produced in Denmark.


Cross Head
Cross Body
Cross Square

Colours and Materials

Oiled oak
Dark Oiled oak

Craftsmanship by Danish carpenters

Danish Design

Wood from sustainable forests