Danish design company dedicated to creating contemporary, highly usable products for everyday living. In a word, byKATO’s mission is to do honest work.
byKATO is an award-winning Danish design company dedicated to creating contemporary, highly usable products for everyday living.

The company was established in 2010 by Karl Rüdiger Rossell and Tonny Glismand, with the byKATO name deriving from the two founders’ names.

Karl and Tonny share a passion for designing honest, practical products that are within reach for almost anyone.

“We aim to bridge the gap between commercial industrial design and high-quality craftsmanship, by using honest and justifiable materials and paying careful attention to even the tiniest detail”.

“What we’re looking for is originality and authenticity – products with character and a history, and that always stand for the kind of craftsmanship that really takes heart and soul to achieve”.

Having studied architecture in Denmark Henrik Ilfeldt is influenced by the Danish design tradition which cherish functionality and simplicity, but Henrik always wanted to add some emotion to it.

“Functionality appeals to your mind and simplicity to your aesthetic sense, where as colors speak to the heart.Often you cannot even explain why you love a certain color combination – it is just a feeling.To me it is important to be able to bring positive feelings into design and into people’s homes,”

says Henrik. Combining functionally, simplicity and pure joy and being able to bring that into modern homes is what Henrik Ilfeldt aims for. Henriks vision is to add wow-effect into every product. This wow can be found in a form of a neon colour, a special pigmented concrete or in a surprising combination of materials.

Henrik Illfeldt


Per Weiss was born in Aarhus in Denmark in 1959, and after high school he studied industrial design at Aarhus School of Architecture, whilst also being a drummer in the rock band Rox.
His professional design career began at the well-known Danish architect companies Friis & Molkte and Schmidt-Hammer & Lassen. Since 1989 Weiss has been head of the design department at the furniture company Innovation.

At Innovation he is responsible for concept, design and marketing, and in the late 1990s this led to a successful partnership with Verner Panton.

Weiss also creates concepts and design for other companies than Innovation, both on his own and as a part of Weiss Design Works, a company that he owns with Innovation’s director Flemming Højfeldt.

The furniture and industrial designer Morten Røssell graduated from ‘The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts – The School of Design’ in 1991.
Røssell has since graduation worked on a wide variety of projects, such as furniture design, interior design of trains, hotels, ferries and shops, graphic design of ads, packaging etc., as well as design of everyday products such as cleaning products.

Today Røssell has his own studio in Copenhagen and has the last 5 years worked for clients such as IKEA, Habitat, Coop Nordic, RBM A/S, HMS Furniture Group as well as a variety of other furniture companies. For instance he develops furniture specifically for English and Japanese markets.

Morten Røssel